Denial of Service



A denial of Service attack, also known as DoS attack is a type of cyber attack targeting machine or network resources availability. It can range in duration and may target one system or more at a time. It's intended to prevent legitimate users from using the system as in normal conditions. Generally, there are two methods of DoS attack: flooding services or crashing services. Flood attacks occur when a system or network receives too much traffic that can’t be handled by the current resources, causing them to slow down, or completely become unavailable. Crashing services attacks, simply exploit vulnerabilities that can cause the target system to crash or become unstable to use.

Attack Scenario

An attacker who is able to launch a DoS attack against enterprise systems could possibly disturb the business and affect the availability of their systems, causing them unable to do actions on the system and eventually affecting the profit and the reputation, this issue mainly affects the availability.

The severity of this issue depends on the system and the number of users has been denied system access but for optimum scenarios, if the attack succeeded to prevent the users from accessing the system completely it is considered a critical issue


  • Allowing and Denying Specific IPs
  • Rate Limiting
  • Pattern and behavior blocking
  • Disabling dynamic functions
  • Displaying CAPTCHA

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