Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Targeted attacks and advanced threats are customized to infiltrate your unique IT Infrastructure, evade conventional defenses, and remain hidden while stealing your Corporate data.

The advanced malware and evasive techniques used in these attacks is typically invisible to standard security solutions. Only virtual analysis, also known as Sandboxing, can reliably detect and analyze this malware by executing and observing suspicious files in a secure, isolated environment.

By integrating sandboxing analysis into your standard security products you can enhance their protection value and create a unified defense against targeted attacks.

Scalable Sandboxing Services

Ensures optimized performance with a scalable Solution able to keep pace with email, network, Endpoint, and any source of samples

Custom Sandboxing

Performs sandbox simulation and analysis in environments that precisely match your desktop software configurations, ensuring optimal detection and low false-positive rates

Web Services API And Manual Submission

Allows any product or authorized threat Researcher to submit samples

Broad File Analysis Range

Examines a wide range of Windows Executable, Microsoft Office, PDF, web content, and compressed file types using multiple detection engines and sandboxing

Document Exploit Detection

Discovers malware and exploits delivered in common office documents, using specialized detection and sandboxing