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National Bank of Egypt (NBE) PCI DSS Certification

PCI-DSS Certified

"Attaining PCI DSS Certification is not a destination achieved, but the start of the journey to show commitment of NBE towards regulation and security for the future"

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Fawry PCI-Certified

Business understanding.

Project Managemnet that works.

Highly skilled consultants.

Compliance made easy with us.

With extensive experience as a QSA and industry leading software and services, Security Meter also assisted Fawry to conduct a scope minimization activity to focus on where sensitive data resides and was able to support and assist Fawry throughout their PCI DSS program.

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ( PCI-DSS )

The PCI DSS forces companies to protect cardholder data throughout the entire information life cycle. The implications, however, are broader: organizations must know where the data exists across an often distributed enterprise; they must fully understand their current state of PCI compliance to develop improvement plans; and they must have the ability to remediate as necessary.

Beyond these challenges, though, lies opportunity: as businesses focus time and resources on addressing PCI compliance, there is an opportunity to extend these investments into long-term programs for compliance that make companies more proactive than reactive, help businesses improve their overall IT security posture, and maximize the return on their security investment.

Security-Meter offers a range of services & solutions that help customers achieve these objectives. In addition, Security-Meter has capabilities to address core PCI DSS requirements, such as application security and IT Security policy development.

Program Management & Quality Assurance

To ensure timely and smooth implementation of recommended process and technology changes, Security-Meter helps with program and project management. Successful implementations involve careful consideration of many elements, including: defining sponsorship, roles and responsibilities; managing project scope and communications; tracking program timelines, dependencies and schedules; registering and managing risks, issues and escalations; and reporting progress against schedules, metrics and key performance indicators.

Security-Meter can design, mobilize and staff a program management office for your PCI compliance initiative.

PCI Assessment

As organizations begin to approach PCI DSS compliance they must first understand any gaps that exist in order to identify remediation needs. Through a PCI Assessment, Security-Meter helps customers understand their current PCI posture and develop a remediation roadmap prior to undergoing a formal PCI audit. This service does not replace or serve as a PCI audit, but rather helps merchants to identify and address weaknesses prior to undergoing a PCI audit.

As a key deliverable, Security-Meter recommends a comprehensive reference architecture for proper handling of cardholder data. Security-Meter consultants deliver this proposed architecture by:

  • Evaluating your current levels of compliance with the PCI DSS standard by reviewing current architectures for infrastructure elements (Networks, Applications, Servers and Storage) that handle and process cardholder data.
  • Reviewing current policies and processes for handling cardholder data and comparing them with the PCI DSS standard, as well as best practices from Security-Meter’s consulting experience.
  • Producing a report to document gaps between the current state of infrastructure, policies and procedures and the state desired to achieve PCI DSS compliance.
  • Developing a remediation road-map that provides a step-by-step time line of recommended technology improvements and process changes to ensure PCI DSS compliance while recognizing budgetary, staffing and information management limitations and technological dependencies.

Our Value

  • Effectively manage cardholder information and other key business data throughout the information life-cycle.
  • Understand current PCI DSS posture and develop remediation plans that will help you pass the audit.
  • Create and maintain security policies that help address compliance while improving IT security.
  • Develop programs that enable PCI compliance initiatives to become business-as-usual, rather than reactive, and position you to focus on more strategic business enabler initiatives.

What our clients say

The environment was complex, working on systems ranging from legacy to the most modern. There were multi authorizing and issuance systems with several supporting applications and a huge network of branches, ATMs and POS all over Egypt. NBE received the certificate following a successful audit earlier this year. ControlCase

It is worth mentioning that Control Case / Security-Meter Company, delegated by Visa International to award the certificate, is one of the specialized companies accredited by the Payment Card Industry Security Council. The Company carried out widespread regulatory processes to evaluate Banque Misr’s information networks and to insure that the appropriate international data security standards and requirements were applied. - Banque Misr

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