Consulting Services

Security consultation is a term used when we are asked to give the "best" security practices or advice on technologies or software that will help improve security of a system. This service is linked to vulnerability testing and security auditing, however it is not seeking a security hole or vulnerability, rather it is giving advice on how to lock down a system without performing an audit or test of the system in question.

Security-Meter Consulting Services offers solutions to help organizations manage IT risk and maximize IT performance. Our expertise is built on decades of technical leadership and practical, real-world experience deploying solutions in complex, multi-vendor environments. Security-Meter Consulting Services methodology is based on internationally recognized standards and best practices, and is tailored to your organization unique needs.

Security-Meter makes your security manageable and more visible by:

Improving Your IT Security & Compliance

  • Identify key projects and use our team to provide precisely the skill level necessary
  • Expert PCI auditors ease the pain (and reduce your cost) for PCI compliance
  • Experienced resources with ISO, CobiT, and SOX knowledge ready to share

Lowering Your Security Costs

  • Projects can be completed more quickly, providing the benefits to the business faster
  • Pay for what you need when you need it; not many security initiatives require full-time and/or in-house resources
  • Train-the-trainer available for security assessment, security awareness, etc.

Focusing on Your Business Objectives

  • Security professionals a call away for 24 by 7 support
  • Our professional assistance allows your team to focus on core competencies so you have greater productivity and control over your environment
  • We know what your industry peers are doing for security; we can help ensure you are instituting practices of good security
  • Create customized security policies and outline a coherent security service solution program.