Mobile Device Management

Employees increasingly choose to do their work on mobile devices running modern operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows 10 instead of using traditional PCs and Windows based tools. The security challenge with modern operating systems is very different from those of the legacy PC era and they need a new approach and new technology. Modern operating systems address many of the old security issues but they also create new and complex security requirements. Enterprise data now lives in both corporate and consumer apps and cloud storage repositories.

Android, iOS, and the new generation of Windows have shifted from the open file system of traditional Windows to a new, sandboxed architecture. The OS kernel is also protected, resulting in system stability and ease of update. The protected file system and protected kernel eliminate the threat of traditional malware and the need for virtualization, VPN and other legacy technologies.

Enterprise mobility and Bring Your Own Device BYOD is a young but exceptionally fast-growing industry. As a result, many vendors claim to provide security and management solutions, and it becomes very difficult for IT to separate fact from fiction.

Security Meter solution is based on MobileIron technology - the recognized leader in MDM.


The MobileIron solution has three main components:

  • End-user services to help employees get their work done – email, apps, docs, Web. These services are directly accessed by end users from their devices. MobileIron provides delivery, configuration, and data-at-rest protection for These services. MobileIron Apps@Work and Docs@Work are current examples.
  • Intelligent gateway to secure and manage access to the enterprise. This gateway securely tunnels traffic from the end-user services to back-end enterprise resources like Exchange, app and web servers, and SharePoint. This gateway is called MobileIron Sentry, and it protects data-in-motion for email today and for apps, docs, and web in future releases
  • Policy and configuration engine to ensure mobile apps, docs, and devices can be managed end-to-end at global scale. The engine is called the MobileIron VSP for on premise deployments and the MobileIron Connected Cloud for cloud deployments.


  • MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Management [EMM] Solution is a purpose-built mobile IT platform. It provides users with seamless access to the business processes and content they need on mobile devices of their choice while providing IT the ability to secure corporate data. Our mobile IT platform fundamentally enables organizations to achieve their Mobile First goals.
  • The MobileIron platform was built to secure and manage modern operating systems in a world of mixed-use devices. It incorporates identity, context, and privacy enforcement to set the appropriate level of access to enterprise data and services.
  • MobileIron secures data-at-rest on the device, in apps, and in cloud storage, and secures data-in-motion as it moves between the corporate network, devices, and cloud storage. With MobileIron, IT can secure corporate information wherever it lives while preserving employee privacy